53 052 ( March 31, 2013 )

( Listen? / I ) Skien is the capital of Telemark in Norway. The municipality of the same name is 778 km ² and has 53 052 inhabitants (as of March 31, 2013 ).


Skien was established in the year 1000. Probably settled here but already people. The most important industry was at that time the export of grinding stones that were mined in Telemark. From the 15th century was the most important producer of timber Skien in Norway.



Skien is to the Norwegian rail network ( Norges Statsbaner, NSB) connected: The opened in 1882 Vestfoldbanen Skien -Oslo begins here as well as the route opened in 1919 Skien Notodden. Both routes will still sail, although more frequently trains are replaced by buses.


The local airport (Skien Geiteryggen ) offers scheduled flights to Bergen and Stavanger.

Culture and sights

Skien is the birthplace of playwright Henrik Ibsen. Accordingly, the city is a center of Ibsen research and places of important Ibsen performances, primarily in the Ibsen Theatre of Skien. Worth seeing are next to the old port with the Telemark Canal, City Hall and the great church of the 19th century, the 1,400 believers ( which was then half of the population ) can accommodate.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Tor Åge Bringsværd, writer
  • Fredrik Bull -Hansen, an officer and diplomat
  • Bjørn Tore Godal, politician and diplomat
  • Henrik Ibsen, a writer
  • Fredrik Hjalmar Johansen, polar explorer
  • Bjørn Klakegg, Jazz Guitarist
  • Iver Kleive, organist, pianist and composer
  • Anders Nordberg, orienteers
  • Dag Erik Pedersen, cyclist and TV journalist
  • Frederik Størmer, geophysicist and mathematician


Skien is the seat of several Norwegian companies in the areas of wood, paper, food and electro-technical industry. The EFD a.s. Group, with more than 800 employees in Europe, Asia and North America, is headquartered in Skien, the EFD Induction as is responsible for the development and production of semiconductor inverters up to 2000 kW / 400 kHz under this roof.


  • Odd Grenland, football club
  • Gjerpen Håndball, handball club
  • Skien is the starting point for the annual bicycle race Telemark Tours

Twin Cities

  • Belozersk Russia (Russia)
  • Germany Rendsburg ( Germany, Schleswig -Holstein)
  • Denmark Thisted ( Denmark)
  • Sweden Uddevalla (Sweden)
  • Mosfellsbær Iceland ( Iceland )
  • Loimaa Finland (Finland )