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Sauherad is a Norwegian municipality in the province of Telemark. RADMANN is Hans Erik Utne, Mayor Hans Sundsvalen. Sauherad together with Bø and the Nome region of central Telemark.

Geographical location

The municipality Sauherad is from Oslo in the east of Telemark, about 30 km from Skien and about 100 km. Neighboring municipalities are Kongsberg in the east, skiing in the southwest, in the southwest of Nome, Bø in the west, and Notodden in the north. Sauherad bordered on the northeast by the province Buskerud. South of Sauherad pushes the Norsjø to the north of the Heddalsvatnet. The highest elevation is the Vardefjell with 815 moh .. In the west the hilly area Sauheradsfjella borders.


Sauherad crossed by Riksvei 36, from Fylkesvei 360 as well as the smaller Fylkesvei 44, 151, 551, 553, and 555. By Sauherad lead the Sørlandsbanen and Bratsbergbanen. Stations are located in Gvarv, Prestholt, Moen, Nordagatu, Holtsås, Hjuksebø, Dalsvatn; but it is only the Nordagatu station in operation.


Gvarv has a school from the 1st to the 10th grade. Other schools are located in Akkerhaugen ( 1 to 7 ), Nordagutu (1 to 4 ) and Hjuksebø ( 1st to 7th grade ). In Gvarv is also the saga full community college and a public library.

Culture and sights

In Sauherad is a medieval church which Sauherad Church. She is one of two medieval churches in the community Sauherad and Nes. Since Sauherad one of the largest apple growing regions of Telemark and Norway is common place there annually Norsk Eplefest, so the Norwegian hard apples instead. In Gvarv the music festival Kart festivals has been held since 2005, which is well known in the region. In Akkerhaugen is also located Patmos sculpture park.


  • Torgeir Augundsson (* 1801, † 1872), Strings and composer
  • Lars Fykerud (* 1860, † 1902), musician
  • Liv Holtskog (* 1934), writer
  • Dag Eilev Fagermo (born 1967 ), football coach