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Vinje is a municipality in the fylke Telemark in Norway. To the north it borders Nore og Uvdal, to the east by Tinn and Seljord, to the south and Tokke Bykle and to the west by Suldal, Odda and Ullensvang. Vinje is the only municipality in Norway, bordering on four different Fylker. The highest point is moh with 1674. the Nupsegga. In terms of area is Vinje (after Rendalen ) is the second largest municipality in Southern Norway and is larger than the entire Fylke Vestfold. With 1.2 inhabitants / km ², the municipality is very sparsely populated ( national average: 13.1 I / km ². ). Only 15% of the population live in urban areas closed. The municipality is the highest in Telemark and extends along the Hardangervidda National Park. It has a 90 km ² of land in the National Park, Berunuten Vest, with six cottages at your disposal.

The economy flourished for many years. 2002 amounted to the average income per capita 33,478 crowns ( national average 24,771 crowns). The The community owes in large part to the revenue by expanding the flow Tokke in the sixties and seventies. Residents also benefit from low electricity prices. On the other hand, large mountain regions have been irretrievably destroyed on the edge of the Hardangervidda by dam projects such as the Songadamm and Møsvatn.

The largest employer in Vinje is the church. The Rehabilitation Centre in Rauland is the largest private employer. 39.4% of employees work in the public administration. An other important employers engineering company Nemek to be mentioned.

The famous winter Rauland is located in Vinje and every year attracts many tourists.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Terje Håkonsen (* 1974), snowboarders
  • Åshild Lofthus ( b. 1971 ), snowboard rider
  • Odd Nordstoga (born 1972 ), singer and composer
  • Aslak violations (1924-1972), Mayor, Stortingsabgeordneter, resistance fighters
  • Astrid violations (* 1953), journalist, press officer at the Castle
  • Olav violations (* 1950), journalist, editor
  • Stone violations (* 1957), writer
  • Tarjei Vesaas (1897-1970), writer
  • Aasmund Olavsson Vinje (1818-1870), writer
  • Aslaug Vaa (1889-1967), writer ( Aslaug Vaa was born in Vinje, but grew up in Kviteseid and there is actually expected ).
  • Dyre Vaa (1903-1980), sculptor