Buskerud is a province (county ) in Norway. It has a total area of ​​14,911 km ² ( land area 13,794 km ²) and is bordered by the provinces of Akershus, Oslo, Oppland, Sogn og Fjordane, Hordaland, Telemark and Vestfold. The administrative center of the province is Drammen.

Coat of arms

The coat of arms of Buskerud was created in April 1966, shows a cobalt blue bear on a silver background. In the Fylke formerly lived large bear populations, but since the seventies, the bears are gone. The cobalt blue symbolizes the cobalt extraction and the blue colors work Modum. The silver-colored background represents the silver mines in Kongsberg.


The Fylke extends from Hemsedal and the Hardangervidda in the north- west to the Hurumland the Oslofjord in the south east. Large, parallel valleys with rivers run through the Fylke; southwest of the Numedal with Numedalslågen, the Sigdal with Simon, Hallingdal with the Hallingdalselv and the Snarumselv, and the Ådal with the Begna and the Ådalselv, which flows into the Randselv, with the Hønefoss and the Storelv, in the Tyrifjord flows, one of the largest inland lakes in the country.

The nature of the Fylke varies greatly: extensive lowlands alternate with mountainous areas and large forests. 7% of Fylke are below 150 m asl, 41% are at 900 m asl and higher. The coastal strip in the southeast, the Drammen and Oslo Fjord. Some mountain ranges reach 1000 m asl

Founded in 1981, parts of the Hardangervidda National Park are in Fylke Buskerud, in the municipalities Hol and Nore og Uvdal.

Traditionally, the Fylke is divided into four landscapes. These are Eiker, Ringerike, Numedal and Hallingdal.


The area once Eiker find the settlements Nedre Eiker and Øvre Eiker where civilization evidence was found from the 8th millennium BC.


( Inhabitants on 1 January 2007 )

  • 21 Ål ( 4,642 )
  • 1 Drammen ( 58 730 )
  • 3 Flå (989)
  • 2 Flesberg ( 2,523 )
  • 4 Gol ( 4435 )
  • 5 Hemsedal ( 1963 )
  • 6 Hol ( 4475 )
  • 7 Hole ( 5436 )
  • 8 Hurum ( 8935 )
  • 9 Kongsberg ( 23,644 )
  • 10 Krødsherad ( 2120 )