Nes (Buskerud)

3443 ( March 31, 2013 )

Nes is a commune in the province (county ) Buskerud in Norway. Get has 3443 inhabitants ( as of March 31, 2013) and covers an area of 810 km ². Administrative center is the village of Nesbyen. At Nes municipalities Gol bordered to the north, Sør- Aurdal in the east, in the southeast Flå, Nore og Uvdal in the southwest and Ål in the West.

Nes is a major tourist resort. On both sides of the valley lead way in mountainous areas with cottage settlements. Examples are: Imle, myth, Fekjan, Saupeset, Liaset, Nystølen, Myking, Ranten, Grønhovd, Liemarka, Thoenmarka, Langevann / Buvannsområdet. In the town there are also many campsites - Sjong, Sutøya, Nesbyen camping, camping Liodden, Fekjan setercamping and Bromma ( Norsentret ).

In the community an active agricultural and forestry operations, but most farms are small and many have a second job or perform the operation in combination with tourism.

Nesbyen is a major trading center.

Coat of arms

Description: In red a left through golden tip.


Most inhabitants live in the villages Nesbyen, Espeset, Eidal, Sjong, Børtnes, Bromma, Svenkerud and Liodden.


  • Hans Gude (1825-1903), painter
  • Eilif Petersen (1852-1928), painter
  • Fernanda Ytteborg (1869-1954), art collector