Gol, Norway

4650 ( March 31, 2013 )

Gol is a commune in the province (county ) Buskerud in Norway. The Old Norse name is Gord and is probably an ancient name for the lower river Hemsil.

Gol has 4650 inhabitants ( as of March 31, 2013) and covers an area of 533 km ². Administrative center is the city. At Gol municipalities Ål, Hemsedal and Nes limits in the Fylke Buskerud and North Aurdal and Sør- Aurdal in Fylke Oppland. Gol is one of the most important winter sports centers in Norway.


Coat of arms

Or, three black pole supplied key, the beards left pointing down, with a commons Cross - breakthrough. The horseback riding are round with simple cross.

The coat of arms dates from 1985 and shows the old key to the Stave Church from Gol.


In addition to the Riksvei (RV ) 7, which runs through Gol, the place also has a station of the cable car. The journey time is hereby Oslo about 2 hours and 45 minutes by mountains about 4 hours.