Akershus (from Old Norse akr (Mark) and hús ( house, but here understood as a castle ) ) with 567 300 inhabitants to Oslo 's second most populous province (county ) in Norway. Akershus is located around Oslo and the only Fylke that its administrative center in another Fylke (Oslo ) has.


The Akershus hovedlen was established in the 16th century and included, in addition to today's Akershus and Hedmark, Oppland, Buskerud and Oslo, continue to the areas around Askim, Eidsberg and Trøgstad in Østfold. In 1662 the monastery was built Akershus office from which announced in 1685 Buskerud. Hedmark and Oppland were as Oplandenes office independently and Christiania (Oslo ) in 1842 in 1768. Designation The Office was modified on 1 January 1919 in Fylke.

Coat of arms

Description of coat of arms: The blue and silver shield is divided by a six-step staircase section.

Administrative divisions

Akershus is divided into three regions and 22 municipalities. The largest cities, ie settlements, regardless of the limits of the above communities are Lillestrøm and Sandvika. Both cities are part of the greater Oslo area, but not to the city of Oslo.

Municipalities ( as of March 31, 2013)

Nesodden, Frogn Oppegård, Ski, Vestby, Ås and the southern part ( Dalefjerdingen and Ytre ) of Enebakk municipality form the " Follo " region.


Akershus has more than 2,000 lakes and numerous rivers. These include parts of the Mjøsa and the river Glomma. There is no mountain over 900 m, are the highest Fjellsjokampen ( 812.3 m) in the municipality Hurdal and only 8 cm lower Lushaugen ( 812.2 m ) on the border between Hurdal and the community in the neighboring Gran Fylke Oppland.


  • University of environmental and life sciences in Ås
  • Akershus University