15,684 ( March 31, 2013 )

Vestby is a Norwegian municipality in Akershus Fylke with 15,684 inhabitants ( as of March 31, 2013). Seat of administration is in the same village.


Notable villages with over 200 inhabitants ( tettsteder ) in the field of community Vestby:

  • Vestby
  • Hølen
  • Hvitsten, 311 population (2012 ): History of the shipowner Olsen family. and popular seaside resort. Already in the 17th century was by the local port exports of wood, and from the mid-19th century, the brothers Olsen bustling commerce. The village had from 1837-1964 and was city status with 76 inhabitants ( 1951), the smallest city in Norway. 1911 Edvard Munch had the plot driver, just north outside of the village, purchased, where he spent some time. Since 2006, Petter Olsen's cultural and ecological project ram Gaard provides additional tourist traffic. The name Hvitsten means " white stone ".