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Eidsvoll is a place and a municipality in the Norwegian Fylke Akershus. It is bordered on the north by the municipalities Østre dead and rod, to the east by - Odal, on the southeast by Nes, to the south and to the west by Ullensaker Nannestad and Hurdal.


In Eidsvoll the first Norwegian Constitution ( Constitution of Eidsvoll ) was adopted on 17 May 1814. This day has since become a national holiday.

1624 here an ironworks was founded, and the venue was. The National Constituent Assembly was held here from April 11 to May 20, 1814. Since Eidsvoll is a national symbol of Norway.

The National Assembly met in the house of the ironworks owner Carsten Anker, which is a museum since 1837. It was convened after the Treaty of Kiel, where the Danish-Norwegian personal union was dissolved. 112 delegates participated in it, seven farmers, 13 merchants, five landlords and 57 civil servants. These 112 men went as the founder of Norway in the story.

The Constitution of Eidsvoll was known in her time as the most liberal in the world, but would not tolerate the Jesuits and other religious orders in the country. In Section 2, the Jews were expressly prohibited from entry to the kingdom.

Feiring Church

Center ( Sundet )

Personalities from Eidsvoll

  • Stian Carstensen (born 1971 ), jazz musician
  • Arne Ekeland (1908-1994), artist
  • Hans Langseth (1846-1927), world record holder as the carrier of the longest Barts
  • Cecilie Thoresen (1858-1911), women's rights activist

Personalities on the National Assembly of 1814