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Skedsmo is a commune in the province of Akershus in Norway. Skedsmo flanked on the west and Lørenskog Oslo, to the south Rælingen, on the north by Nittedal and Gjerdrum, to the east by Fet and to the southeast by Sørum. Skedsmo is around 20 km north-east of Oslo, near the airport Gardermoen. The main town and administrative center of the municipality is Lillestrøm. Other important towns are Kjeller, Strømmen, Skjetten, Leirsund and Skedsmokorset.


Due to the convenient transport links through the airport as well as the roads and railway lines, Skedsmo has developed into an industrial site, a main industry is the woodworking. In Lillestrøm there is a large trade fair grounds, on which mainly take place trade and business fairs. In Kjeller an important technology center with around 4,000 employees there.


Skedsmo is an important center of education, as in the community have, inter alia, the Central University of the province of Akershus and a business school is relocating

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Trygve Magnus Haavelmo (1911-1999), economist, Nobel laureate
  • Sidsel Ryen ( born 1943 ), actress and singer
  • Arild Andersen ( born 1945 ), jazz bassist
  • Aksel Lund Svindal (* 1982 ), skier