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Ullensaker is a Norwegian municipality in Akershus Fylke. Is the airport from Oslo Gardermoen on its territory.

The crest represents the god Ullr dar. He was especially worshiped in pre-Christian times in Romerike. He was the best skiers and greatest hunter. The name comes from the Ullensager norrønen Ullinshof, the place of worship for Ullr. In the 15th century, the name component was added aker, which means cultivated field, field.

Prior to 1000 million years ago, a mountain chain stretching through the territory of Sweden Ullensaker to the west. Under Ullensaker is still this old veteran mountain. The mountain range was planed during the various ice ages. When, after the last ice age 10,000 years ago the ice retreated, the sea followed up to Hamar. The rock remains of the original mountain range remained standing as islands in Romeriksfjord. They consist of gneiss and amphibolite. There are also quartz at some points.

When the pressure of the ice receded, lifted the country. Today, one can observe the marine deposits up to 208 meters in height. Today, the Stensbyfjell with 282 meters above sea level, the highest elevation in Ullensaker. There is also a military training area. From the glaciers much Grus was flushed, which has since been dismantled. On the road south of Jessheim you can see the folds of the mountains yet. Nearby is a natural park is built, which is to include a geological park to the study of glacial developments.