29 331 ( March 31, 2013 )

The Norwegian city of Hamar has 29 331 inhabitants ( as of March 31, 2013). Hamar is the administrative center of the province (county ) Hedmark. It is located on the eastern shore of Lake Mjøsa, about 130 kilometers north of Oslo.


Precursor was a center of power in Åker, at the junction of important north -south connection of the inland settlements to the coast. She led over Mjøsa along the rivers and materials of heading Glomma. From Mjøsa also ran the traffic towards Sweden. The names of the surrounding farms indicate that the area was a religious center. Here was sacrificed and here they met the Thing. In addition, the importance of place in numerous cemeteries and large single grave hills reflected. Their largest is six feet high and measures 60 feet in diameter.

Hamar was established in 1152 on Mjøsa as a bishop 's seat. She was the only medieval city in Norway outside the coastal regions.

Soon followed cathedral, monastery and school. 400 years Hamar was one of four to five central cities in Norway. The last Catholic bishop before the conquest Hamars by the Danish army commander Truid Ulfstand 1537 was Mogens Lauritsson.

In 1567 the cathedral from the commander of the Swedish king Erik, Johan Siggeson was destroyed. Then left the city, most residents. 1587, the market was closed by royal decree. Hamar lost its city status.

But in 1849 the city a royal resolution was constructed according as the administrative and economic center again. Towards the end of the 19th century, Hamar grew strongly, not least because of its strong food industry and related agriculture.

In 1992, the municipality Vang was incorporated. Since the founding of the university in 1994 Hamar Hedmark is a university town.

* After fusion with the municipality Vang


  • The Hedmark Museum
  • Domkirkeodden with the ruins of the medieval cathedral
  • New Cathedral
  • Norsk Jernbanemuseum Hamar
  • Hedmark Museum and the ruins of the cathedral
  • The Emigration Museum (Norsk Utvandringsmuseum ) on the history of emigration to North America
  • DS Skibladner, the oldest operating paddle steamer in the world, even the " white swan of Mjøsa " called.
  • Kirsten Flagstad Museum -
  • The modern Town Hall was designed by the internationally renowned architectural firm Snøhetta.
  • Hamar Bispegard Museum (1967-1979), by architect Sverre Fehn, winner of the Pritzker Prize for 1997
  • Løiten Brænderi (old Aquavitbrennerei )
  • Norsk Motorhistorik Museum ( The Norwegian Museum of motor history )
  • Klevfoss Industrimuseum ( Klevfoss Industrial Museum )

Transport and the economy

To the east of the urban area runs the European Route 6, the main north-south connection in Norway. It runs from Trelleborg in Sweden to Oslo Norwegian-Russian border in Kirkenes and is expanded in segments as a motorway. By 2013, the entire southern route from Trelleborg to Hamar should be expanded as a motorway.

The train station of Hamar is on the electrified since 1970 Dovrebahn that leads from Oslo to Trondheim. Here also branches off the Rørosbahn, which leads to another route also to Trondheim, but is not electrified.

In Hamar is a production facility of crispbread manufacturer Wasabröd.


Olympic games

During the 1994 Winter Olympics Hamar in nearby Lillehammer (small Hamar ) was, among other things Venue for figure skating and speed skating.


The football club Ham -Kam Hamar were the best result in the Norwegian Tippeligaen 1970 third place, and came several times to the semifinals of the Norwegian Cup competition.


The Hockey Team Storhamar Dragons play in the first Norwegian league (Elite Series).



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Sons and daughters of the town

  • Jon Balke ( born 1955 ), jazz pianist
  • Rut Brandt (1920-2006), Norwegian - German writer and second wife of former German Chancellor Willy Brandt
  • Henrik Adam Brockenhuus (1720-1803), Danish nobleman
  • Kirsten Flagstad (1895-1962), Norwegian singer (soprano), known primarily for her Wagnerian interpretations
  • John Erik Fornæss ( b. 1946 ), Norwegian mathematician
  • Audun Grønvold (born 1976 ), Norwegian skier
  • Thorstein Helstad ( b. 1977 ), Norwegian football player
  • Marius Holtet ( born 1984 ), Norwegian ice hockey player
  • Jon Inge Kjørum (born 1965 ), former Norwegian ski jumper
  • Espen Søbye (born 1954 ), Norwegian philosopher and literary critic
  • Nina Søbye ( born 1956 ), Norwegian cyclist
  • Patrick Thoresen (* 1983) Norwegian ice hockey player.