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The community of Trysil is located in the eastern part of the province (county ) Hedmark in southeast Norway. Until 1906 the name " Tryssil " was written.


Trysil is bordered to the north by the municipalities Engerdal and Rendalen, on the west by Åmot and on the southwest by Elverum and Våler. The eastern and southern municipality border is also the border with Sweden. Capital of the commune is Innbygda, which is often referred to as Trysil.


The first official ski race in the world was organized in 1855 in Trysil. The winter sports club Trysilgutten founded in 1861 is the oldest ski club in the world.

Owned by the Municipality of Trysil Nybergsund village was bombed on 11 April 1940 by the German Luftwaffe, when King Håkon VII and Crown Prince Olav staying there.


Agriculture, forestry and the wood processing industry are the main economic activities of the municipality. On the Trysil was up to the early 1990s, still floated wood. Since the area around Trysil offers excellent conditions for winter sports, tourism has rapidly developed into an important economic factor. In winter, the area offers 66 runs and 31 lifts, making it Norway's largest ski resort. Trysil is also the municipality with the highest moose population in Norway.


  • Between 1996 and 2006, Michael Schumacher had in Trysil an entirely built of wood holiday home, because who knew him in Norway relatively few people and he alone a variety of winter sports here could exercise ( in Trysilfjellet Ski Resort ).
  • Bjørn Dæhlie also has an estate in Trysil.
  • Marcus Gronholm is also the owner of a holiday home in Trysil.


  • Trysil / Engerdal Museum

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Hallgeir Brenden (1929-2007), cross-country skiers
  • Johan Sætre (* 1952), ski jumpers