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Sarpsborg? / I is a city and municipality in the southeast of Norway, in the province (county ) Østfold. It is bordered to the north by Våler and Skiptvet, to the east by Rakkestad and heaps and on the west by Fredrikstad and Råde. 1992 Sarpsborg was combined with today's districts Tune, Varteig and Skjeberg. A landmark of the city is the waterfall Sarpsfossen.



The largest industrial enterprise Sarpsborg is Borregaard. It was founded in the late 18th century and was originally mainly a pulp and paper operation. Today he is an internationally active company that produces next to the wood processing modern chemicals for industrial processes, food and pharmaceutical industries, fisheries and agriculture. Borregaard is part of the Orkla Group, which is headquartered in Sarpsborg. The city is a traditional location for the brewery industry. 1855, the first brewery was established, from which emerged later Borg brewery. 1998 originated from the breweries Hansa Borg and today's Hansa Borg brewery, which belongs to the second largest brewery group in Norway.

Culture and sights

  • Hafslund Hovedgård ( manor ) of the 17th / 18th century, located at the waterfall Sarpsfossen. To the manor belongs to an English garden and a granary from the 19th century, which now serves as an art gallery.
  • Borgarsyssel Museum in the old town of Sarpsborg in the regional museum of Østfold and the City Museum of Sarpsborg are united. This was about 1000 years ago, the castle of St. Olav. On the grounds are the ruins of the St. Nicholas church remains from the period of Sarpsborg. The museum displays objects from the early days of colonization, old farmhouses of Østfold, a former Amtsmannhof and the old inn of Gleng.
  • Soli Brug in the district Varteig is a former sawmill. In the restored buildings now Arts and sales exhibitions with paintings, prints and ceramics are held.
  • Storedal Kultursenter in the district Skjeberg is a special park where visually impaired and sighted culture should experience. At the center of the 20 meter high sculpture is "Ode to the light " that accompanies the visitors with changing electronic music based on current lighting conditions. The park was to commemorate the Norwegian king Magnus Sigurdsson, ( the blind ), built, who was born in 1117 on the farm Storedal.
  • Kulåspark in the center of Sarpsborg is the green lung of the city with 40 grave mounds dating from around 200 to 300 AD. On the outdoor stage hosts frequent concerts in the summer.
  • Eidet Tømmertunnel ( raft tunnel ) was applied from 1906 to 1908 through the mountain in order to inspire the wood more easily between the Isnesfjord and Lake Visterflo can. The tunnel has a length of 3170 meters and a height difference of 21 meters. Today it is a monument of Water Engineering
  • The dolmen of Skjeltorp (Norwegian: Skjeltorpdyssen ) is located in Skjeberg in Sarpsborg.

In Sarpsborg municipality are 13 churches. The best known are:

  • The town church of Sarpsborg, which was built in 1862 in neo-Gothic style.
  • The Church of Skjeberg is a stone church from the second half of the 13th century, built in Romanesque style. It has a Gothic portal and carved on the walls of churches in four granite heads.
  • The Church of Ingedal is a stone church dating from around 1250.
  • The Church of Varteig is a wooden cruciform church from the year 1859.
  • The Church of Hafslund is a rectangular cross church of 1891.


Sarpsborg has in football, ice hockey and indoor hockey on sports clubs, which belong to the tip of Norway. These include

  • Sarpsborg 08 Fotballforening, football club, since 2010 in the first Norwegian league
  • Sparta Warriors Hockey Club in the first Norwegian league
  • Greåker Innenbandyklub, six times Norwegian champion in the indoor hockey
  • Sharks Sarpsborg, Innenbandyklub, two-time Norwegian champion in the indoor hockey

Sarpsborg is a golf town and has the oldest golf club in Norway. At present, Sarpsborg 3 championship golf courses with 9 or 18 holes and with the Østfold Golf Center, the largest golf hall of Norway.

Twin Cities

Sarpsborg maintains partnerships with cities the Nordic cities

  • Denmark Struer in Denmark
  • Finland Forssa in Finland
  • Sweden Södertälje in Sweden

As well as with

  • United Kingdom Berwick -upon- Tweed in Great Britain
  • Palestine National Authority Bethlehem in the Palestinian Territories since 1997
  • United States Grand Forks in the USA, since 2005

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Oscar Torp (1893-1958 in Oslo), the Norwegian social democratic politician
  • Asbjørn Halvorsen (1898-1955), Norwegian football player and coach
  • Arnold Haukeland (1920-1983), Norwegian sculptor
  • Kai Eide ( born 1949 ), Norwegian United Nations diplomat
  • Morten Andreas Meyer ( born 1959 ), Norwegian conservative politician
  • Thomas Myhre (born 1973 ), Norwegian football player
  • Jan Thomas Lauritzen ( born 1974 ), Norwegian handball player
  • Stian Tønnesen ( b. 1974 ), Norwegian handball player
  • Ann Christin Elverum ( born 1974 ), actress, singer, dancer and musical performer
  • Jens Arne Svartedal (born 1976 ), Norwegian cross-country skier, world champion in 2007
  • Per- Åge Skrøder (born 1978 ), Norwegian ice hockey player
  • Ragnhild Aamodt ( born 1980 ), Norwegian Women's Handball
  • Jonas Andersen ( born 1981 ), Norwegian ice hockey player
  • Ida Bjørndalen ( b. 1983 ), Norwegian Women's Handball
  • Jonas Holos (* 1987), Norwegian ice hockey player