Struer, Denmark

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Struer, is located in the west of Denmark in the Limfjord a small town with 10,427 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013) in Jutland.

  • 3.1 Sons and daughters of the town
  • 3.2 personalities who have worked in Struer

Economy and infrastructure

The most important industrial company and largest employer in the city is the electronics company Bang & Olufsen. In addition Struer lives but also from tourism. It has the largest marina with 500 berths on the Limfjord.



The municipal museum is located in the Torngaard, the oldest building in town. This house was used in the past as a tenant farm, as a trading house and as the rectory. Today, it is among other things the history of the company Bang & Olufsen, whose roots are located in the city, as well as craft and trade of the place.

The house of the writer Johannes Buchholtz, who lived since 1902 in Struer and at that time was one of the most successful writers of Denmark, can be visited in the Søndergade 23.

Attractions in the surroundings

Toftum Bjerge: With a coastline of 15 km, this landscape is north of Struer, with the characteristic escarpments to the Limfjord, a popular recreation area.

Kilen, formerly a branch of the Limfjord, was placed under protection in 1952 and is today a remarkable bird sanctuary.

At the port of Struer


Sons and daughters of the town

  • Vagn Dybdahl (1922-2001), historian and archivist

Personalities who have worked in Struer

  • Johannes Buchholtz (1882-1940), writer, lived until his death in the city