1719 ( March 31, 2013 )

Aurland is a commune in the Fylke Sogn og Fjordane in Norway. Aurlandsvangen on Aurlandfjord is the administrative seat of the municipality. Sometimes the place is itself abbreviated abroad. The community has about 1,300 inhabitants and is characterized by agriculture. Only in recent decades, tourism has become an increasingly important source of income.

In Aurland there is a shoe production, in the so-called Aurlandssko (German Aurlandsschuh ) is produced.

Aurland was to be achieved by 1980 in winter only on the Flåm Railway or with boats. Only with the opening of the road in Hallingdal in 1980 the situation improved. 1991 direction of the mountains and the Flenjatunnel Gudvangatunnel were opened and in June 2001 the Lærdalstunnelen by Laerdal. The latter is currently (2013 ) with more than 24 km, the longest road tunnel in the world. Thus, a continuous hardy road connection ( E16 ) from Oslo to Bergen was created. Aurland is now directly in this important for Norway connection. The old road over the mountains to Laerdal means Snøvegen and is now used only as a by- road. Nearest village of Aurland towards Bergen Flam is a popular tourist destination. Halfway there is the open air museum Otternes.