Mandal, Norway

15,260 ( March 31, 2013 )

Mandal is a town and commune in the province (county ) Vest- Agder in Norway. Mandal is the southernmost city in Norway. It is located 45 km west of Kristiansand.


Mandal was created as a loading station for wood around 1500. The wood was mainly in the Netherlands. Later, a small settlement was it. 1862 there a paraffin factory was built with a developed in Scotland manufacturing method. 1872 had to yield to foreign competition and close the factory. But the good relations that based on the fact that leading families had emigrated to Scotland and there eventually occupied in the person of Lord Edward Salvesen 1905 to 1922 one of the 13 seats in the High Court of Justice, survived until recent times.

The shore at Mandal consists mainly of sand had to be so taken around 1900 measures against erosion. In a large action pines were planted from Scotland on the sand dunes. Between 1905 and 1935, the 100,000 seedlings.

The church was declared a town in 1921.

During the Second World War up to 2000 soldiers were stationed in the area, their bunkers and trenches can still be seen to some extent.

1969 was lost by a violent storm in 2000 m³ of the old forest.

The church in Mandal

Buen House of Culture, which has collected a library, cinema and theater and concert hall under one roof

Market in Mandal

Promenade by the harbor


  • The town with the white houses
  • The church is at 1800 seats, one of the largest in Norway. The church was built in 1821 in the Empire style.
  • City Museum Andorsengården with a collection of paintings, including paintings by Gustav Vigeland
  • The Lookout " Uranienborg ", with its gazebo and the views over the city.


In Mandal there are the shipyards of Umoe Mandal. The local newspaper for the surrounding communities Lindesnes is published here.

The Runestone Mandal was discovered in 2012 in the city in a garden. It is the first rune stone was found in 1947 in Norway.


  • Kjell Askildsen (* 1929), writer
  • Edvard Christian Danielsen (1888-1964), Vice- Admiral and 1949-1951 Commander of the Royal Norwegian Navy
  • Ansgar Gabrielsen (* 1955), a conservative politician
  • Ellen Gleditsch (1879-1968), Chemist
  • Johan Jørgen Broch Hagemann (1840-1919), physician
  • Einar Iversen ( born 1930 ), jazz pianist
  • Bernt Lie (1868-1916), author
  • Amaldus Nielsen (1838-1932), painter
  • Hans Matthias Elisha Ross (1833-1914), theologian, dictionary editor and champion of the Norwegian Nynorsk
  • Michael Grundt Spang (1931-2003), author and journalist
  • Adolph Tidemand (1814-1876), painter
  • Emanuel Vigeland (1875-1948), painter
  • Gustav Vigeland (1869-1943), sculptor
  • Kari Vinje (* 1931), children's book author