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Levanger is a Norwegian town and municipality in Nord-Trøndelag. The center has since 1836 a city. In the municipal reform in 1962 Levanger lost them temporarily, but received it by 1 January 1997 again.

Levanger was an ancient trading center for the exchange of goods between the people of Jämtland ( Sweden) and the Northmen. People from Jämtland brought iron, grain, hides and skins and exchanged for dried fish, salted herring and foreign goods, which were brought from Trondheim, a.

1846 put a major fire 110 of 133 houses in ashes; 1877 burned down 113 of 136 houses, and 1897 there were 104 of 133 houses. Reconstruction after this fire dominates the town today.

Until about 1885 Levanger stood on the land of the landowner HS Jelstrup. Then the municipality of him bought the area and was master in his own house.

In Levanger, there have always been two annual fairs, once the March carnival in February / March (the earliest reference to 1530, but one expects a much higher age ) and once the Levanger - year market in July / August. In March Faire is off on an evening throughout the city public lighting, and the population accumulates to a festive torchlight on the marketplace.

The city is a member of Cittaslow, a company incorporated in Italy in 1999 motion to decelerate and increase the quality of life in cities.

The most famous personality of Levanger is Henry Oliver Rinnan ( born May 14, 1915 † February 1, 1945 ), a Norwegian war criminal / German collaborator.