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Leksvik is a Norwegian municipality in Nord-Trøndelag. The community is situated in a very mountainous area. The mountains rise to a height of 600 m. In the municipality there are two larger settlements are closed: Leksvik with 1073 and Vanvikan with 736 inhabitants. There are also the smaller settlements Hindrem where 1199 King Sverre hit his last major naval battle, and Seter with around 150 inhabitants. In Leksvik there are also some ruins belonging to a fortification from the Roman or Migration Period, and are called " borrowing " or " Borgåsen ". They are between Seter and the settlement Leksvik.

1589 a stave church is mentioned, but it was soon derelict and was destroyed when lightning struck. 1653 a church was built in Hindrum, which was demolished in 1895 but again, as the place of the parish Vanvirkan was slammed.

A popular legend says that on borrowings used to be a troll lived. This had so annoyed with the ringing of the church of Hindrum that he had thrown a large stone at her. But he threw it, and the stone is shown in the area of ​​Hindrem. For the Church in Leksvik, there is a similar legend. There was a troll on Våttåhaugen (now a lookout point at Leksvik ). The dada -Troll threw the stone in the direction of Leksvik Church, they did not hit, and the stone can now be seen on the beach.

In Leksvik there is a church from 1667 and the ruins of a German naval base from the Second World War.

Originally called the place " Ljoksa ", and he is found in the sagas. The meaning is unknown and the name ancient. 1894, the place is called by the name " Lexviken ". The name Leksvik was established in 1917.