Vehicle registration plates of Ukraine

In Ukraine after the collapse of the Soviet Union in late 1991 's license plate were introduced.

Since 2004

The current flag was introduced in 2004 and are constructed as follows: On the left side there is a box whose upper half shows the yellow national coat of arms on a light blue background. The lower half is highlighted in yellow, it is to read the black letters UA. The entire field symbolizes the national flag of Ukraine. The following is a letter combination following the example of AA 3457 BB, where the first two letters indicate the origin. In Ukraine, there is the possibility of a vanity plate, in which the inscription can be chosen freely. This also letters of the Cyrillic alphabet are possible. Vehicles of public transport have yellow license plate that otherwise resemble the ordinary signs. Police vehicles are usually bright blue number plates with white letters. Temporary license plate show a red background and white characters, solve selbige from black font and 12 - month field. Both have two letters and four digits, depending on the nature of the temporary approval details of the region appear before the letter by two digits or otherwise reduced letter-number combination. Vehicles of the government or other high authorities show only digits. To the left of the coat of arms and the right flag of Ukraine is seen. Diplomatic begin with the letter D and show no otherwise symbolism. It follows a three-digit numeric code that encrypts the country of origin ( see Diplomatic codes ) and also a three-digit serial number. Features of the Ukrainian armed forces have white letters on a black background. They consist of four digits, a letter and another digit.


From 1995 to 2004 was seen at the left edge of the license plate, the Ukrainian flag. Under the flag there was a two-digit number that shows the district in which the vehicle is registered, see below. The actual identification number began with three digits followed by a hyphen, followed the two additional digits and two letters. These letters were allocated as blocks to the respective districts. There were usually used only the letters that appear in the Cyrillic and Latin alphabet.


Diplomatic owned from 2001 to 2004 a red background color and showed at the beginning of the shield a reduced three -digit number that encrypted the country of origin. This was followed by one or more letters, which denote the status of the mission. Were used for CC Consul, DP for Diplomat, CDP for the head of a diplomatic mission, and S for international organizations.

Before 1995

Before independence, the Soviet designation system was used. The early 1990 's Ukrainian license plate issued for the first time. They started with a reduced letter followed by four numerals. The license plate ended with two letters that indicated the district. At the left edge of the flag of the Ukraine and the letters UA were seen in some plates.

Current Regional Features

Regional letters and numbers

Diplomatic codes

001 Russia Russia 002 United States United States 003 People's Republic of China People's Republic of China 004 United Kingdom United Kingdom 005 France France 006 Germany Germany Hungary Hungary 007 008 Lithuania Lithuania 009 Bulgaria 010 Armenia Armenia 011 Australia 012 Israel Israel 013 Belarus Belarus 014 Poland Poland 015 Estonia Estonia 016 reserve 017 Sweden Sweden 018 Mexico Mexico 019 Greece Greece 020 India India 021 Iran Iran 022 Mongolia Mongolia 023 Vietnam 024 Austria Austria 025 Egypt Egypt

026 Argentina Argentina 027 Japan Japan 028 Canada Canada 029 Portugal 030 Chile Chile 031 Italy Italy 032 Spain 033 Slovakia Slovakia 034 Romania Romania 035 Turkey Turkey 036 Norway Norway 037 Algeria Algeria 038 Switzerland Switzerland 039 Niger Niger 040 Vatican City Vatican City 041 Azerbaijan 042 South Korea South Korea 043 Brazil Brazil 044 Danemark Denmark 045 Latvia Latvia 046 Croatia Croatia 047 Cyprus Republic of Cyprus 048 Czech Czech 049 Finland Finland 050 Seychelles Seychelles

051, United Nations 052 Central African Republic Central African Republic 053 Slovenia 054 Belgium 055 Moldova Moldova 056 Cuba 057 Philippines Philippines 058 South Africa South Africa 059 Pakistan Pakistan 060 Libya Libya 061 IBRD 062 Lebanon Lebanon 063 Syria Syria 064 Singapore Singapore 065 Ireland Ireland 066 The Netherlands The Netherlands 067 Kazakhstan Kazakhstan 068 Georgia Georgia 069 Iraq Iraq 070 Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan 071 Tajikistan 072 Uzbekistan Uzbekistan 073 Turkmenistan Turkmenistan 074 Thailand Thailand 075 Tunisia Tunisia

076 Ghana Ghana 077 Serbia Serbia 078 Liechtenstein Liechtenstein 079 Indonesia Indonesia 080 Morocco Morocco 081 Jordan Jordan 082 Kuwait Kuwait 083 Luxembourg Luxembourg 084 OSCE 085 Uruguay Uruguay 086 Peru Peru 087 ICRC 088 Afghanistan Afghanistan 089 Ukr. scientific -tech. center 090 Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 1992 Yugoslavia 091 Albania Albania 092 Macedonia Macedonia 093 NATO 094 NATO 095 IMF 096 New Zealand New Zealand 097 Bangladesh Bangladesh 098 Europaische Union European Union 099 EBRD

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