Kharkiv Oblast

The Oblast Kharkiv ( Kharkov Oblast also; Ukrainian Харківська область / Charkiwska oblast, Russian Харьковская область / Charkowskaja oblast ) is located in eastern Ukraine, and forms the north, the border with Russia ( Belgorod oblast ). It has around 2.74 million inhabitants (2013 ) in the north- west, the Oblast borders the Sumy Oblast and on the southwest by the Poltava Oblast. Are the oblasts of Dnipropetrovsk and Donetsk at the southern borders. East of the oblast is the Luhansk Oblast.

The Seversky Donets flows, coming from Russia, the oblast. At the border of the Donetsk Oblast of the river partially forms the boundary line.

Largest cities and settlements

The capital of the oblast is the city of Kharkov, the second largest city of Ukraine.

Administrative divisions

The Kharkiv Oblast is administratively divided into 27 Rajone and 7 directly below the Oblastverwaltung cities. These are the cities Isjum, Kupjansk, Losowa, Ljubotyn, Perwomajskyj, Tschuhujiw as well as the eponymous administrative center of the oblast, the city of Kharkiv.

Rajone the Kharkiv Oblast with their administrative centers

The Kharkiv Oblast is divided into 27 Rajone: