Kirovohrad Oblast

The Kirovohrad Oblast (Ukrainian Кіровоградська область / Kirowohradska oblast; Russian Кировоградская область / Kirowogradskaja oblast ) is one of 25 administrative units ( oblasts of the Ukraine). It is located in the center of Ukraine. It has around 0.99 million inhabitants (2014). In the oblast is the geographic center of the country, the settlement Dobrowelytschkiwka. The region is heavily agricultural.


The Kirovograd Oblast occupies a central position within the country and is located in the steppe zone. It is a mostly flat part of Ukraine, the only survey is the Dneprhochland in the west of the region. The Kirovograd Oblast lies at the intersection at the height of 205 meters above sea level. The highest point is at the height of 269 meters, the deepest at an altitude of 196 meters. Some minor rivers flow through the region: Synjucha ( with a total length by the Oblast of 67 kilometers ), Chorny Tashlyk (120 km), Jatran (23 km), Inhul (116 km), Beresiwka (51 km), Synyzja (36 km ), Inhulez (124 km), Welyka Wys (119 km), Tjasmyn (19 km).

10 km south of the city Dolynska is about 80 ± 20 million years old crater of Selenyj Haj.

In the north of the oblast borders the Cherkassy Oblast, north-east of the Dnieper and the Poltava Oblast, on the east by the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, to the south by the Mykolaiv Oblast in the west and in short sections of the Odessa Oblast and Vinnytsia Oblast.

Largest cities

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Administrative subdivision

The Kirovohrad Oblast is administratively divided into 21 Rajone and 4 directly below the Oblastverwaltung cities. These are the cities Snamjanka, Olexandrija, Switlowodsk as well as the eponymous administrative center of the oblast, the city of Kirovohrad.

Rajone Kirovohrad Oblast, with their administrative centers