Vehicle registration plates of Monaco

Monegasque license plates have a white base and light blue label. The number plates show the left edge of the central shield of the coat of arms of Monaco. Front plates having the dimensions of 290 mm x 110 mm, Rear greater (340 mm x 110 mm). In addition, ( " Principality of Monaco " in French) are on the rear license plate the corresponding year and the inscription PRINCIPAUTE DE MONACO noted.

The marks consist basically of four characters, either a letter and three numbers or only numbers. Some characters have a special meaning. For example, there is a X for historic vehicles, a V for hire. There is also the possibility of a vanity plate.

Plate rack consist of two letters and two digits.

Diplomatic have green writing. To view the letter of your CD for diplomats and members of the government or CC for consuls.

Temporary marks a departure from the general system and are based on the French Kurzzeitkennzeichen. They show white text on a dark blue ground. The signs begin with two letters followed by two (sometimes handwritten ) digits. The sign ends in the letters WW MC, where MC stands for Monaco.