Vehicle registration plates of Bulgaria

Bulgarian license plates usually show black font on a white background. You start with the prefix of the district in which the vehicle is registered. It is followed by four digits and two letters. A two-line signs that all letters on the top line, the numbers in the bottom appear. On the left side there is a blue box with the country code BG and the twelve stars of Europe. Between 2000 and the accession to the European Union in 2007, the national flag of Bulgaria was mapped using the country code. Since the introduction of the current system only 1992 characters are still needed that are recognized in both the Cyrillic and the Latin alphabet as letters. For this part, new district shortcuts were introduced.

Features variants

Vehicles of the Bulgarian armed forces have since 2006 mark, with BA for ( армия Bulgarian Българска / Balgarska Armija respectively. English Bulgarian Army) start. They have six digits in two groups of three, but otherwise resemble the normal signs. For the civil defense signs with blue inscription and the abbreviation CP can be used for English Civil Protection. All other state institutions use normal number plates. For trailers, the second letter block begins with an E.

Two-line plates for mopeds facing the Region Codes only another letter on the top line.

Temporary license plate consist of three numbers, one letter and three more digits. Based on it the letter, the status of the vehicle described in more detail: B for a short-term registration ( временен ), H for new cars ( ново ) and T for Transit ( транзит ). On the right side there is a red box with information concerning the validity of the shield.

Provisional license plate beginning with XX and are in white on a light blue background kept. The representation of the blue bar with the Bulgarian flag was waived. Meanwhile, however, also show these signs at the left edge of the euro area. Diplomatic have white letters on a red background and start with a C followed by four digits, of which the first two specify the country of origin ( for example, C - 0412 for Germany ). Consular identification must contain the code CC, the signs of the technical staff CT. On the right side also the validity of the shield is recorded using a two-digit year.

Old flag

Between 1986 and 1992 yellow registration plates were prepared by the K scheme - # # # # X uses. Both for the province abbreviation and as last letter Cyrillic letters were used. Today you can find these characteristics sporadically in old vehicles.

Prior to 1986, the number plates were equipped for private vehicles with white letters on a black background. Your scheme was K ♢ ♢ X # # # #. ( Intermediate province abbreviation and the letters are small diamonds were as delimiters. ) It Cyrillic Kleinbuchsten were used.

Mark with Cyrillic letters are no longer permitted in cross-border traffic since 1992.


Abbreviation of the districts

Changed shortcuts have a pink background:

Diplomatic shortcuts