Vehicle registration plates of Malta

Maltese License Plate correspond in dimension and design to the European standard black font and white color. Point at the left edge a blue box with the twelve stars of Europe and the nationality code M. The following three letters, a square stickers and three digits. These signs were introduced in 1995 and have already contributed at this time the EU symbolism, although Malta until 2004 a member of the European Union.

In Malta, as used in Germany, the FE- font for the caption of the license plate.

Private vehicles

For private vehicles, the first letter indicates the month in which the annual tax must be paid. However, there is also the possibility of a vanity plate. This can either be any combination in the format ABC 123 are elected or a free combination of up to eight characters.

  • January: A, M, and Y
  • Feb.: B, N, and Z
  • March: C and O
  • April: D and P
  • Mai: E and Q
  • June: F and R
  • July: G and S
  • August: H and T
  • September: I and U
  • October: J and V
  • November: K and W
  • December: L and X.

Special Features

In addition, there are the following special marks:

  • Car rental: last letter K (eg XXK 001)
  • Taxis / buses / minibuses / coaches: last letter Y (eg XXY 001)
  • Tax-free vehicles: first two letters TF (eg TFX 001)
  • Government-owned vehicles: first two letters GV (eg GVX 001)
  • Police vehicles: Letters GMPs (eg GVP 001)
  • Vehicles of the Maltese armed forces: Letters GVA (eg GVA 001)
  • Vehicles of Health Ministry: Letters GVH (eg GVH 001)
  • Vehicles of diplomats and embassies: first two letters CD (for B.CDX 001)
  • Vehicles that are used by members of the government: Format GM 99 (eg GM 01)

Old flag

Prior to 1995, the indicator showed a letter, a hyphen and four digits. On the right side there is a M was in a circle for Malta. The font color was almost always black.

First letter on the vehicle category:

  • Private vehicles: A, B, C, D, E, G, H, J, K, N, R, S or T on a white background (eg, A -1234 )
  • Motorcycles: F, P or Q on white background ( eg, F -1234 )
  • Government vehicles: M on a white background ( eg, M -1234 )
  • Vehicles with preliminary admission: W white on a red background ( eg, W -1234 )
  • Car: Letter X and yellow background ( eg, X -1234 )
  • Taxis / buses / minibuses / coaches: Letter Y and a red base ( eg, Y -1234 )
  • Taxis: A, B, C, D, E, G, H, J, K, N, R, S or T in red on a white background ( eg, B -1234 )