Vehicle registration plates of Serbia

The current license plates were introduced in Serbia after a long preparation on 1 January 2011. Originally the launch was planned in July 2009, but was postponed. The characteristics are modeled on the European standard and meet for the first time the unit size of 520x110 mm. The signs show the first two letters of the registration district, followed by the Serbian shield. Under the coat of arms the registration district shortcuts appear in Cyrillic. It is followed by three numerals and two letters. On the left side there is a blue bar, on which the country code SRB (Serbian Srbija ) is apparent. This blue edge can be optionally extended through the 12 European stars, if Serbia joins the EU. To complicate counterfeiting, a special reflective film can be used and installed RFID chips. With the introduction of the new signs license plates are now available in Serbia possible in which the combination can be freely selected according to the crest.

We have taken the basic design features of the Yugoslav flag. Indicator for trailer have a different structure, with the region code on the right margin. Diplomatic show yellow text on black background. Vehicles with dimensions deviating wear red flag with white letters. Green plate with black letters are used for agricultural vehicles. Smaller Bikes wearing yellow flag. Temporary signs beginning to show the letters RPE. The Serbian police uses license plate with white letters on a blue background color. They show after the Cyrillic letters П (lat. P) two digit groups. The Serbian forces use since 2009 new signs. First show you the Serbian coat of arms. This is followed by a letter, a hyphen and a final number.


Serbia was until 1992 part of the SFR Yugoslavia, then in addition to Montenegro one of two constituent republics of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia or its successor state, Serbia and Montenegro. 1961 uniform code for all of Yugoslavia were introduced. They consisted of a two-letter abbreviation region, followed by a red star. Hereinafter published four to six digits, separated by a hyphen into two groups. In 1998, the red star by the flag of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was replaced. Except for these minor modification Serbia led the indicator system of SFR Yugoslavia continued until the end of 2010. Indicator for agricultural vehicles as well as for smaller two-wheelers always showed the full name of the municipality and a sequential number.

2008 Montenegro introduced a private label scheme. Until then, you could assign the identifier of Serbia and Montenegro practically only by the abbreviation of the approved district or on the basis of nationality mark one of the two States. Since the signs are much shorter compared to the European standard, they are often added at the left edge of a field with the symbolism of the respective (partial ) state. Were presented, inter alia, coat of arms and / or Flag of Serbia and Montenegro as well as the national flag of the association of states of Serbia and Montenegro.

Kosovo will award its own license plate, which are not recognized in the Serbian heartland.

The nationality code was until 2003 YU for engl. Yugoslavia. Between 2003 and independence led Serbia and Montenegro, the letters SCG Srbija i Crna Gora for Serbian. Today's symbol is called SRB, while Montenegro MNE received.

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Registration districts

By 2008 there were 43 indicating the district (including Kosovo ). Two districts were abolished, and a further 18 were added in July 2008, in September 2010 it was announced that a further 15 districts to come, 16 January 2011 was added in Nova Varos. Thus there are now a total of 75 districts. On 20 August 2011, the city Sjenica was added as a new district .. Some registration districts now carry different names from the time of Yugoslavia, so that also the abbreviation of this approval districts were changed for license plate.

  • AC - Aleksandrovac
  • AL - Aleksinac
  • AR - Aranđelovac
  • BC - Bečej
  • BÃ - Bogatić
  • BG - Belgrade and the communities Barajevo, Voždovcu Vračar, Grocka, Zvezdara, Zemun, Lazarevac Mladenovac, Novi Beograd, Obrenovac, Palilula, Rakovica, Savski venac, Stari grad, Surčin, Čukarica
  • BO - boron, also includes the area of ​​the municipality Majdanpek
  • BP - Backa Palanka
  • BT - Backa Topola
  • BU - Bujanovac
  • Ca - Čačak
  • CU - Ćuprija
  • DJA - Đakovica (Kosovo), also includes the area of ​​the municipality Dečani
  • DE - Despotovac
  • GL - Gnjilane (Kosovo), also includes the territory of the municipalities Vitina, Kosovska Kamenica, Novo Brdo
  • GM - Gornji Milanovac
  • IC - Ivanjica
  • IN - Inđija
  • YES - Jagodina, includes the area of ​​the municipality Rekovac
  • KA - Kanjiža
  • KG - Kragujevac includes the territory of the municipalities Batočina, Knić, Lapovo, Raca
  • AI - Kikinda, includes the territory of the municipalities Coka, Novi Kneževac
  • KL - Kladovo
  • KM - Kosovska Mitrovica (Kosovo). includes the territory of the municipalities Vučitrn, Zvečan, Zubin Potok, Leposavić, Srbica
  • KO - Kovin
  • KS - Kruševac, includes the territory of the municipalities Brus, Varvarin Ćićevac
  • KV - Kraljevo
  • Kz - Knjaževac
  • LB - Lebane
  • LE - Leskovac includes the territory of the municipalities: Bojnik, Medveđa, Crna Trava
  • LO - Loznica
  • LU - Lučani
  • NG - Negotin
  • NI - Niš, includes the territory of the municipalities Gadžin Han, Doljevac, Merošina, Ražanj, Svrljig
  • NP - Novi Pazar, includes the territory of the municipalities Sjenica, Tutin
  • NS - Novi Sad, also includes the communes of Bac, Backi Petrovac, Beočin, Žabalj, Srbobran, Karlovci, Temerin, title
  • NV - Nova Varos
  • PA - Pančevo, includes the territory of the municipalities of Alibunar, Kovačica Opovo
  • PB - Priboj
  • PE - Peć (Kosovo), also includes the territory of the municipalities of Istok, Klina
  • PI - Pirot, includes the territory of the municipalities Babusnica, Bela Palanka, Dimitrovgrad
  • PK - Prokuplje
  • PN - Paraćin
  • PO - Požarevac, includes the territory of the municipalities of Veliko Gradište, Golubac Žabari, Žagubica, Kučevo, Malo Crniće
  • PP - Prijepolje
  • PR - Pristina ( Kosovo)
  • PT - Petrovac na Mlavi
  • PZ - Prizren (Kosovo)
  • PZ - Požega
  • RA - Raška
  • RU - Ruma
  • SA - Senta
  • SA - Sabac
  • SD - Smederevo
  • ŠI - Sid
  • SJ - Sjenica
  • SM - Sremska Mitrovica
  • SO - Sombor
  • SP - Smederevska Palanka
  • ST - Stara Pazova
  • SU - Subotica
  • SV - Svilajnac
  • TO - Topola
  • TT - Tutin
  • TS - Trstenik
  • UB - UB
  • UE - Užice
  • UR - Uroševac (Kosovo)
  • VA - Valjevo, also includes the territory of the municipalities Lajkovac, Ljig, Mionica, Osečina
  • VB - Vrnjačka Banja
  • VL - Vlasotince
  • VP - Velika Plana
  • VR - Vranje includes the territory of the municipalities Bosilegrad, Vladičin Han, Presevo, Surdulica, Trgovište
  • VS - Vrbas
  • VŠ - Vršac, includes the territory of the municipalities Bela Crkva, Plandiste
  • ZA - Zaječar, includes the territory of the municipalities Boljevac, Sokobanja
  • ZR - Zrenjanin, includes the territory of the municipalities Žitište, Novi Bečej, Nova Crnja Sečanj

Diplomatic codes

Diplomatic plates have a black background and yellow inscription. First show you the standing one above the other region abbreviation followed by several digits that encode the country of origin of the diplomatic mission or the organization. After a point followed by a letter, which gives information about the status of the mission. After a consecutive three -digit number, the plate ends on the right side with the one above the other indication of the year, eg 11 for 2011.

10 Russia Russia 11 Ukraine Ukraine 12 Poland Poland 14 Hungary Hungary 15 Romania Romania 16 Bulgaria Bulgaria 17 Albania Albania 18 Czech Republic Czech Republic 19 Macedonia Macedonia 20 Israel Israel 21 Angola 22 Slovakia Slovakia 23 Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina 24 Croatia Croatia 25 Palestine National Authority Palestinian Territories 26 Portugal 29 Cyprus Republic of Cyprus 30 United Kingdom UK 31 Flag of South Korea South Korea 32 Finland Finland 33 Sweden Sweden 34 Norway Norway

35 Denmark Denmark 36 The Netherlands The Netherlands 37 Belgium 38 Spain 39 France France 40 Germany Germany 41 Italy Italy 42 Holy See Holy See 43 Switzerland Switzerland 44 Austria Austria 47 Greece Greece 48 Turkey Turkey 50 Slovenia 51 Guinea Guinea 53 Pakistan Pakistan 54 Sri Lanka Sri Lanka 55 Belarus Belarus 60 United States United States 62 Nigeria Nigeria 63 Canada Canada 64 Argentina Argentina 65 Brazil Brazil 66 Mexico Mexico

70 UNICEF UNICEF / UNDP 71 Ecuador Ecuador 72 Cuba Cuba 76 Peru Peru 77 UNHCR 78 Australia 79 Libya Libya 80 Algeria Algeria 81 Egypt Egypt 82 Zimbabwe Zimbabwe 83 Iran Iran 84 India India 85 Myanmar Myanmar 86 Japan Japan 88 People's Republic of China People's Republic of China 89 Indonesia 90 Syria Syria 91 Lebanon Lebanon 92 Tunisia Tunisia 93 Morocco Morocco 94 Ghana Ghana 98 Iraq Iraq

99 Democratic Republic of the Congo DR Congo 101 Europaische Union European Union 102 UNWFP 104 ECPD 105 EAR & SEED 111 OSCE 118 ICRC 119 IOM 120 IFRC 121, United Nations & ICTY 123 UNHCR 125 EBRD 127 EUR Europe 128 IFC 129 World Bank 130 Customs and Fiscal Assistance Office 136, United Nations Office 137 Malaysia Malaysia 138 ICMP 141 Montenegro Montenegro 144 United States United States