Sjenica ( Serbian Cyrillic Сјеница ) is a small town in southwest Serbia mountainous region on the northern slopes of the mountain range Pešter. The city itself is located at an altitude of about 1000 m. i J.. It is the administrative seat of the homonymous municipality with about 28,000 inhabitants and belongs to the district of Zlatibor.

At the 2002 census, 73.3 % of the population identified as Bosniaks, 23.5% as Serbs.

Sjenica located in the homonymous Sjenica level, which was formed by the rivers Vapa and Uvac. The southern part of the township is occupied by the endorheic Pester Plateau ( Peštersko polje ). It is located in the Raška region and the historical region of Sandzak of Novi Pazar.



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