The Uvac ( [ uvat͡s ], kyrill. Увац ) is a river in southwestern Serbia and in the east of the Republika Srpska in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The right and the longest tributary of the Lim is 119 km long.


The river rises in the west Ozrengebirge Sjenica and then flows into the Sjenica level down. There he joins the Vapa, which is the source of the river Uvac longer and actually rises in the mountains east of Sjenica. The Uvac now turns to the north-west to cross the deep gorges of the Stari Blaise region ( "Old Walachia " ) in which it is repeatedly dammed. In this way, three large reservoirs have been created, including Sjeničko Lake, Zlatarsko and Radoinjsko Lake.

In the lower reaches of the Uvac now flows in a narrow valley between the mountains and Pobijenik Zlatar on the left, and Zlatibor on the right side. North of Raca it reaches the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina and turns for the last 10 km to the south to form the Bosnian Serb border. Finally, the river below the town Uvac opens and north of Priboj in the Lim

Catchment area

The catchment area of ​​about 1310 km ² Uvac includes and counts to the river system of the Danube. The river is not navigable. The main tributaries are Vapa, Kladnica and Tisovica, all flow from the right in the Uvac.


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