Vehicle registration plates of the Republic of Macedonia

The current Macedonian license plates correspond to the European standard size of 520 x 110mm. They consist of two Latin letters for the origin, four digits and two more letters. There is a red framed sign to appear in the regional letter and two other letters in Cyrillic script between the first two letters and the numbers. On the left edge is in line with the Euro plate, a blue field with the distinguishing signs of MK. The current license plates were introduced on 20 February 2012.


Macedonia did not conduct its own license plate as a constituent republic of the SFR Yugoslavia. Until the introduction of the first Macedonian license plates in June 1993, the Yugoslav flag system was continued. The new signs were based on the European unit measure and pointed at the top and bottom of a red stripe on. First, two regional letters published. This was followed by the yellow Cyrillic letters РМ for macedonian Република Македонија (RM Republika Makedonija for ) in a red rectangle. It was followed by four digits and separated by a short dash two letters. With the first of the last two letters of the municipality of approval could be specified. Thus came a mark VE - 000 KA from city Kavadarci in the registration district Veles. In 1995, the design of the red rectangle has been changed, it now showed the two regional and serial letters in Cyrillic characters. In February 2012, the current signs were finally introduced. Even before it was criticized that the inscription is done primarily in Roman characters and the Cyrillic translation is shown only reduces. Additional controversy came in June 2012 with Greece because of the name dispute between the two countries. As Greece Macedonia, only under the name Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (English former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, FYROM short ) and does not recognize under its own name Macedonia, the blue Euro box is defaced when crossing the border with a sticker. The sticker is available in English and Greek, that the country is recognized by the Greek side only as FYROM.

Indicator species

Flag for Bikes The plates used for two-wheelers have three lines. In the uppermost region of the symbol, in the middle four digits and below the other two letters appear.

Temporary license plate Number plates of limited validity same in both the old and the current system the normal signs largely. However, the signs have a green font. In the old system appeared instead of the last letter two, stacked digits representing the year of validity.


In the current series show Kurzzeitkennzeichen as in some other countries (eg in Germany ) no euro box. The mark consists of the Region Codes followed by a vertical red - yellow checkered line with the inscription PROBA. It is followed by six digits. In the old system, there were signs that showed in the upper part in white letters on a red background, the region label in Cyrillic as well as the word ПРОБА ( Proba ). In the lower part of the Latin abbreviation and the five digits were seen.

Indicator for agricultural vehicles Vehicles agriculture led license plates whose color was green and white font in the old system. Otherwise they were identical with the normal signs.

Plates for vehicles with abnormal dimensions Features were taken over for vehicles with particular dimensions from the Yugoslav system. As in Croatia, these signs red font color and otherwise resemble the ordinary mark.

Flag for historic vehicles With the migration first time in 2012 registration number have been introduced for historic vehicles. They have gray font. The signs show at the end of the letter H, as well as two superimposed standing digits.

Characteristics of police Police cars show on the front plate, the blue inscription ПОЛИЦИЈА ( Policija ). At the bottom of the English name POLICE is shown in white on red. The rear plates show two blue number blocks of three digits each separated by the emblem of the Macedonian police.

Features of the military

Vehicles of the military carry number plates that start with a letter and two digits. It follows the emblem of the Macedonian armed forces with the inscription АРМИЈА РЕПУБЛИКА МАКЕДОНИЈА ( Republika Makedonija Armija ).

Diplomatic license plate

The introduced in 1993, diplomatic license plates begin with the one above the other letters SK Skopje, followed by a two digit number that encrypts the country of origin. This is followed by one or two letters that indicate the status of the vehicle before a maximum of three characters distinguishing number appears. On the right side there are two turn on each other standing digits representing the year of validity. Thus, the signs for diplomats essentially to the Yugoslav system rejected and resembled those used at that time in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia. In 1996, the font color was changed from yellow to white, and the letters of SK in MK. The design was slightly revised in 2012.

The following status letters were used:

Registration districts

With the introduction of the new flag in 2012, the original ten districts were supplemented by a further eight. 2013 six new districts were again introduced, so you currently distinguishes 24 Admission districts. Outdated combinations are shown in italics.