Vehicle registration plates of Latvia

Latvian license plates have black text on a white background. Since Latvia joined the European Union on 1 May 2004, the twelve stars of Europe and the letters LV are left visible. Prior to 2004, the Latvian national flag was displayed on the locale. Here are two letters, a hyphen and an up to four -digit combination (eg AB- 1234). The marks were introduced in 1991 and do not allow conclusions about the origin of the vehicle at. The font used is a slight variation on the German DIN font.

Variants of the flag

License plates Basically, the signs are assigned in ascending alphanumeric order. For a fee of 2500 lats ( about 3600 euros ), however, any license plates consist of up to eight characters, which need not correspond to the structure of letters, hyphens and numbers. There are marks such as " COYOTE ". The combination must consist of at least two characters and must not contain only numbers.

Taxis Taxis usually have non-standard yellow license plate beginning with TX or TE.

Trailer License plate for trailers only show one letter before the hyphen.

Bikes Motorcycles have reduced two-line number plates with the combinations TA, TB or TC.

Temporary license plate Temporary license plates have red lettering on a white background. They consist of a letter, a combination of numbers and a small superscript number at the end.

Diplomats Flag for diplomatic missions in Latvia show black lettering on a red background. You begin with the letters CD for Corps Diplomatique and show four digits of which meet the first two statements about the country of origin. On these plates the blue bar is missing on the left.

Armed forces The combination of letters LA ( Latvian: Latvijas Armija ) is reserved for the Latvian armed forces.


Since Latvia from 1940 to 1991 was part of the Soviet Union, was at this time that the Soviet classification system. For the Latvian SSR the letter ЛА and ЛТ were issued. Shortly before the introduction of the Latvian Soviet flag signs also were awarded with Latin letters LA.