Vehicle registration plates of Moldova

Moldovan license plates were introduced in 1992.


The signs correspond to the European standards: On the left side of the license plate is a blue field with the state coat of arms of Moldova and the distinguishing signs of MD below. Until 2011, the coat of arms and the letters (1992/ 1993: MLD) mapped on a white background. This was followed by separation as a thin, black, vertical line.

The actual identification number begins with one or two letters that indicate the Raion and the city, see below. Here are two additional series characters and a maximum of three digits.


Additional Features Since March 1, 2014 vehicles get public transport yellow flag. Temporary license plate show red text and are provided with a valid date. Number plates for diplomats have dark blue letters. They consist of the letters CD or TS followed by three digits and two letters. Furthermore, H denotes a number plate for foreigners. For special institutions such as parliament or army special combinations are output.

In the breakaway Transnistrian Moldovan Republic of Moldova, Transnistria short, private labels are assigned. See article License Plate ( Transnistria).

Special Features

Importance of local letters

Recent shortcuts since 2003

Abbreviation before 2003

From 1999 until the end of 2002, Moldova was divided into nine districts, three cities, an autonomous and a stubborn area.

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