Vehicle registration plates of Transnistria

The breakaway Transnistrian Moldovan Republic of Moldova, short Transnistria since 1992, awards, custom license plate, similar in shape and design of the Moldovan number plates. Dnestr mark comply with the European standard size of 520 mm × 112 mm and usually show black font on a white background. As in Moldova, a variant of the German DIN font will be used. The signs show the left margin simplified flag of Transnistria ( without a hammer, sickle and star ), a hologram sticker with the repetition of the license plate combination and a vertical black dash. The inscription consists first of a letter that indicates the precise origin of the vehicle. It is followed by three consecutive digits and two more letters. A two-line signs are flag, plaque and the two serial letters on the bottom line. Also two-line labels are issued for motorcycles, but show only two letters and three digits. Number plates for mopeds only show one letter and three digits, and waive any symbolism. Since August 2012, it is possible to obtain a surcharge, a license plates, in which the combination can be chosen freely in Transnistria.

By 2012, there were authorities indicator, which was missing the first letter and at the end of the letters CA (Russian служебный автомобиль, company car ) published. The signs were abolished in early 2012. Government vehicles currently receive regular series license plate or special signs, from which the relevant public authority can be read. So the State Department now uses license plate, which in turn strongly oriented to the Moldovan diplomatic plates. They show in dark blue font, the letters CD followed by first three and two more digits. For vehicles of Defense among others the abbreviation MO (Russian министерство обороны, Ministry of Defence ) will be given. Before the reform, the Ministry of Defence took advantage of characteristics that were similar to the Soviet signs of 1958. They showed two pairs of digits and the combination of MO.

Plates for vehicles the police have a light blue background. They show the letters TM or MM and three digits. For police motorcycles, the TT combination will be used. Government vehicles perform three digits and the coat of arms of Transnistria on the signs.

Transnistrian number plates are only valid in Abkhazia, Russia, South Ossetia, Belarus and Ukraine. As a distinguishing signs of MD is used for Moldova. For the Transnistrian regions also acronym in the Moldovan flag system exist. In March 2013 it was decided to transport for vehicles, goods or persons between the Moldovan and Transnistrian heartland to introduce neutral indicator. These signs have neither a regional coding or otherwise symbolism. You begin with the letters AB and show five digits.

Region Codes: