Vehicle registration plates of Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein License Plate ( officially: license plates ) have a black background with white lettering. The indicator system is essentially the same in Switzerland and also used the font. At the beginning of each mark are the letters FL ( Principality of Liechtenstein). It follows the yellow- red small national coat of arms and an up to five-digit number (eg, FL 12345).

The current system was introduced in 1920 and learned to date only a few changes in the design. Due to the small size of the country, regional indicator unnecessary.

Liechtenstein is the only European state which assigns for private vehicles still black number plates. Until the 1990s black signs in Europe were quite common, but were then converted in the context of Europeanization on white or yellow. Today, they are awarded only to specific groups of vehicles ( for example, historical vehicles or motor vehicle of the armed forces).


Front license plate having the dimensions 300x80 mm and are thus in a European comparison very small. Back to 1989 signs were basically two lines ( 300x160 mm). Since 1986, one-liners are awarded that are close to 500x110 mm with the European standard size of 520x110 mm.

The trailer label obtained numbers 300-1999 and from 65,000.

Temporary license plate have on the right side on a red bar with the validity.

Day mark with a validity of up to four days have a black base with yellow inscription. The figures, which are awarded for this indicator start from 50,000.

Merchant signs have at the end of the plate an additional U ( eg FL 1234 U).

Inch mark on the right side show a red box with the validity and the letter Z for inches.

For collectors license plate with the number FL 00000 are issued so that they can be distinguished from valid trademark. Real flags that are no longer valid, for example, by moving to another country, can not be canceled and will keep as in Germany, but must be discharged.


As in Switzerland indicates the color of the indicator specific applications.

  • Blue: driving tools, such as construction
  • Brown: vehicles that type of construction specific guidelines for dimensions and weights exceed, eg heavy transports.
  • Green: agricultural vehicles