Vehicle registration plates of Portugal

Portuguese flags are insurance plate and give no information about the location or region.

The number plates made ​​since 1937 from three groups of two characters. There is a short dash between the individual groups. The system began with the Scheme AA -12 -34, was changed in 1992 after 12:34 · AB and is since 2005 12 · AB · 34 While these combinations are exhausted, there will be two pairs of letters on the pattern AB · 12 · CD first mark.

Until 3 March 1992, the number plates a black base color as well as white label had, and the two letters encoded the region. With the change to the number - number - letter - format the colors were swapped. The signs now have black letters on a white background. It was also added at the left margin a blue box with the twelve stars of Europe and of the country code P.

In a yellow stripe at the right edge of the Year (top) and the month ( below) the registration of the vehicle noted since 1998.

Some former Portuguese colonies such as Mozambique, Angola, Cape Verde and Macao still possess number plates modeled after the old black plates.

Indicator species

Trailer The hallmark of the trailer ( with the exception of small car trailers ) have the Europe - field with the "P". However, followed by one or two letters with up to six subsequent digits before the yellow stripe with the registration data terminates the license plate. The and the letters indicate the registration district.

Small car trailer do not own mark. You get a repeat mark their respective tractor. The hallmark of the tractor and the repeat feature of the car trailer must match. If you use another tractor the repeat feature of the car trailer needs to be replaced.

Bikes Indicator for two-wheelers have the same letter-number groups like ordinary characterized, but are double-spaced and show neither Euro - field nor approval date. Signs for two-wheelers with an engine capacity of less than 50cc have here a yellow background. By 2006, signs were issued with the combination of 1 -xxx 23-45 for two-wheelers, the letters coded the place of registration. For two-wheelers with less than 50cm ³ of the background was white, yellow for all others.

Special Features

  • The Portuguese armed forces use the abbreviation ME, MG and MX for the Army, the Navy and AP AM for the Air Force. After each ME scheme · 12:34.
  • The Guarda Nacional Republicana uses indicators in the format GNR GNR A -01 to Z- 9999.
  • Diplomatic have red writing and show first three digits that specify the country of origin. This is followed by the letters CD for diplomats, consuls for CC or FM for otherwise embassy staff and another three -digit number.
  • Export codes first show a combination of numbers. After a dash of the region or letters follow. The background of the signs is yellow, and on the right side there is a white box with the letters EXP and the effective date.
  • The vehicle of the Portuguese President shows the letters PR in silver on black as well as the national emblem in between.

Registration districts

The following registration districts for the identification of truck trailers, there are:

  • A for the Azores; Approval body in Ponta Delgada (also for export vehicles)
  • AN for Angra do Heroismo
  • AV Aveiro
  • BE Beja
  • BN Braganca
  • BR for Braga
  • C. Coimbra
  • CB for Castelo Branco
  • E Evora
  • FA for Faro
  • DG for Guarda
  • H for Horta
  • L for Lisbon (also for export vehicles)
  • LE for Leiria
  • M for Madeira; Approval body in Funchal (also for export vehicles)
  • P for Porto (also for export vehicles)
  • PT for Portalegre
  • SA for Santarém
  • SE Setubal
  • VC for Viana do Castelo
  • VR for Vila Real
  • VS for Viseu