Vehicle registration plates of Kazakhstan

Kazakh license plates have black characters on a white background and thus correspond in size and shape to the European standard. There are a few exceptions used only Latin letters.

New Features from 2012

The current signs were introduced in August 2012. Point at the left edge, the waving flag of Kazakhstan and the distinguishing sign of the concentration camp. For private vehicles initially followed by three digits and three letters, vehicles of organizations show only two letters. At the right edge of a field is delimited by a black vertical bar in which a two-digit number indicates the region of origin. Vehicles of foreigners, foreign enterprises and joint ventures have number plates with yellow background. They show the letter F (foreigners ) or H ( company ), four digits and the Region field. Indicator for police vehicles have dark blue font and the letters KP.

New area code:

Mark by 2012

Kazakhstan was until 2012 the only country in the former Soviet Union, which waived the presentation of any symbols on its label. The signs show first a letter, indicating the city or area. It is followed by three digits and three more letters (eg A 123 BCD). If the vehicle is registered to a legal entity, located at the end of the sign only two letters. For motorcycles two-line signs with four digits and two letters are issued. For commercial vehicles, the combination of the plate for better visibility in big letters is written on the rear of the vehicle as in Russia. Trailers have two-line flags that show on the top line four digits in the lower two letters. The two lower corners are beveled for trailer license plate.

Number plates for foreigners were almost taken over from the Soviet system unchanged. They show a yellow background and start with a letter followed by six digits. The letter indicates the link status. The following letters are used:

Characteristic of the Kazakh law enforcement agencies have white text on a blue background. On the left side first a badge. The actual combination starts with the letter region followed by several digits. At the end of two letters give information about the corresponding authority. We use the following abbreviations:

Diplomatic plates have a red background and white label. You start with the letter D ( Diplomat ) or T ( technical staff). It is followed by six digits, of which the first three specify the country of origin or the organization. Plates of vehicles of the United Nations in Kazakhstan have light blue license plate beginning with UN.

Features of the armed forces have white letters on a black background. Point to the left side of a star followed four digits and two reduced Cyrillic letters. Vehicles of Defense on the left show a blue star. The color scheme is here, as in civilian shields in black and white.

Other special characters are issued for vehicles of the Parliament and the Government. These are also the only characteristics that show national symbols. License plates of vehicles Parliament show the distinguishing sign of the concentration camp in a light blue oval, three numerals and two letters. Government vehicles run on their flag the national flag of Kazakhstan. It is followed by two digits and the letters KZ.

Area code: