Vehicle registration plates of Luxembourg

License Plate in Luxembourg generally have black letters on a yellow background. The tags are attached to the vehicle to which they were issued. For the purchase of the license plate so usually remains on the vehicle.

However, the holder wishes a special mark ( license plates ), then the flag is no longer issued by the vehicle bound, but Halter bound upon payment of a fee. The owner of such a vanity plate retains this lifetime, even with a change of vehicle.

Current output characteristics are in accordance with großherzoglichem Regulations of 17 June 2003 always six characters long (two letters followed by four digits), which can start the sequence of digits with zeros (eg XY 0008). Point at the left edge a blue box with the distinguishing signs of L and the European stars.

The letters CD ( followed by two digits, a hyphen and two digits ) is reserved for vehicles in the diplomatic service.

Authorities indicator - for example, the police - bear the initials AA followed by four digits.

Old marks were awarded in the following formats and are still in circulation:

  • Two letters and three digits ( MK 286)
  • One letter and four digits ( P 1234)
  • Five digits ( 12345)
  • Four digits (1234 )
  • Three digits ( 987 )

Between 1988 and 2003, the rear plates also showed the European flag.

Distinguishing features are reserved for the grand ducal court (eg CB for " Château de Berg ' with a four-digit number on a yellow background ). For special occasions, there are two colored indicator (upper half basic blue, orange below), the house colors of the Grand Ducal family. They often consist of one or two digits. Again, other characteristics consist of only two numbers on yellow background, the left side of the grand-ducal coat of arms, instead of the country flag displayed.

If a abgemeldetes vehicle with license plate still present be re- logged, yet a new mark is awarded if the existing does not have six characters and was not awarded as a vanity plate.

There are not very many old marks with two letters and three digits (eg XY 123 ), but these are becoming increasingly blurred, as when a new purchase or a re-registration of the vehicle is a characteristic change to the new format required.

Even earlier sign wearing white text on black background. Military vehicles and company cars of senior officers take similar mark. Here is however left of the code, the emblem of the Luxembourg Army.

The award of marks is in the Grand Duchy task of SNCT ( Société Nationale de Contrôle Technique), which is responsible for monitoring the proper technical condition of a vehicle at the same time.