Vehicle registration plates of San Marino

San Marino License Plate usually have bright blue writing on a white background. Point at the left edge the coat of arms of San Marino with the Italian signature REPUBBLICA DI SAN MARINO ( German: " San Marino "). Since 1993, the signs first begin with a letter, followed by up to four digits. Older flag have exclusively on numbers. The distinguishing signs of San Marino RSM is for Italian Repubblica di San Marino.

Trailer license plate show as a small red letters R for Italian Rimorchio ( German: "trailer" ). Temporary number plates have black characters, show four digits and begin with a red E for Escursionisti Esteri. Indicators for machines have green writing and start with MO for Macchina Opera Trice.

Furthermore, various special license plates are issued for certain institutions. The police used signs with the red logo POLIZIA, the Red Cross has the letters CRS ​​for Italian Croce Rossa Sammarinese, Diplomatic show CD. Each is followed by a bright blue number.