Vehicle registration plates of Kosovo

The license plate of Kosovo were introduced on December 6, 2010 and are usually white with black writing. The signs included in accordance with the Euro plate a blue stripe on the left edge with the letters RKS ( Republic of Kosovo). A two-digit number is below to the appropriate province before the Kosovan coat of arms appears on the sign. It is followed by three digits and - separated by a line - two letters as sequential serial number. Indicator for trailer show dark blue font, same but otherwise normal signs. Government have license plate instead of the region coding on a 3 and a Z at the beginning of the shield. The Kosovan police carry number plates with red lettering on their vehicles. First show you the lettering POLICE, then the arms, three digits, and the coding of the city. A similar structure show the signs of the duty. First, the word CUSTOMS and after the coat of arms appears finally three digits and two letters. The font color is white, the background of bright blue. Diplomatic plates have a black background and white label. Point at the left edge above the other letters RKS. The combination consists of two digits, the letters CD and three more digits. On the right side is the year of issue of the shield.

The Kosovo license plates are valid only in those countries which recognize Kosovo as an independent state. In the Serbian enclaves and Serbian flags are used. Since June 1, 2012, all vehicles must be registered with the Kosovo flag there.


By the end of the Kosovo war in Kosovo in 1999 Yugoslav license plates were issued. Under the administration of the United Nations from 30 September of the same year a new indicator that would initially serve as a provisional introduced. This showed at the top and bottom of a light blue line, far left, the year of first registration appeared in light blue. The actual combination consisted of three digits followed by a hyphen and the letters KS for Kosovo. After another hyphen again followed by three digits. From the number combination no further conclusions regarding the precise origin of the vehicle could be drawn. Occasionally, the signs were supplemented by unofficial blue bar with the Kosovo flag adopted in 2008. Police vehicles had license plate with red font. The security forces of Kosovo led special signs with the letter KSF. In agricultural vehicles, the background was green, the font white. After the country on 17 February 2008 declared its independence from Serbia, the end of 2010, the current designation system was introduced.


The left table shows the abbreviation of the Yugoslav and Serbian system that were used on the territory of Kosovo. In the right table are the new numerical province encodings.