Vehicle registration plates of Slovenia

Slovenian license plates consist, from left to right, from two letters that indicate the district, the municipal coat of arms and a block of numbers and letters with a hyphen. The current Slovenian license plate system was introduced in 1992. Until the accession of Slovenia to the European Union on 1 May 2004, the signs had a green frame. 2004 has been added on the left edge, a blue bar with the twelve stars of Europe and the country code SLO. At the same time the font was changed. Since 2009, the flag of Slovenia will be back with green instead of black framing that were valid since the introduction of the EU's flag output.

For a surcharge, license plates are also available in Slovenia, in which the combination can be chosen freely by the coat of arms.

Features types


For trailers, the order of the units is exactly the reverse. You start with a letter - number combination and end with the district symbol or the assignment symbol.

Temporary license plate

Temporary license plates are similar to the usual markings and additionally show on the right edge, a year value.

Sample indicator

Test indicator to show either the word PREIZKUŠNJA about the font or the letters PR within a vertical red bar.

Export registration

Vehicles that are to be exported from Slovenia, get red flag, which also show a field with the validity of the right margin.

Police indicator

Characteristics of the Slovenian police show blue print and begin with the letter P. The following are the arms of the Slovenian police and the five digits in two groups.


Diplomatic start with green letters CMD for an ambassador, CD for diplomats generally, CC for consuls or M for embassy staff without diplomatic status. It follows a two-digit black number indicating the country of origin, followed by further distinguishing digits.

Military Features

Characteristics of the Slovenian Armed Forces show a black background and begin with the letters SV for Slovenian. Slovenska Vojska (English Slovenian Army ). The following are the arms of the army and a two-digit number, in which the origin can be read. The sign ends with a number combination.

District shortcuts

The district code ( with the German name and the recognized minority names in parentheses) are:

  • CE Celje ( Cilli )
  • GO Nova Gorica ( New Gorizia, Italian Nuova Gorizia)
  • KK Krško ( Gurkfeld )
  • KP Koper ( Gafers, Italian Koper, Croat. Kopar )
  • KR Kranj ( Kranj )
  • LJ Ljubljana ( Laibach )
  • MB Maribor ( Marburg an der Drau )
  • MS Murska Sobota ( Olsnitz, ungar Muraszombat )
  • NM Novo mesto ( Rudolfswerth )
  • PO Postojna ( Adelberg, Italian Postumia )
  • SG Slovenj Gradec ( Windischgrätz )

This system has been adopted from time of Yugoslavia, which (originally even originating from the old Austrian time ) Districts since Slovenia's independence from administrative point of view actually no longer exist and continue to live nurmehr on the license plate and the regional command structure of the Slovenian police.

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