Anenii Noi District

The Rajon Anenii Noi is a raion in Moldova. The Rajonshauptstadt is Anenii Noi.


The Rajon lies to the east of the country. The Bîc flows in a west-east direction through the area. The Dniester River forms the eastern boundary of the Rajons to Transnistria. In the north Anenii Noi borders the Rajon Criuleni, to the south by the Municipality Tighina and Rajon Căuşeni and to the west by the Municipality Chisinau and Rajon Ialoveni.


The Rajon Anenii Noi has existed since 2003. Until February 2003, the area belonged in common with today's Rajons Criuleni, Ialoveni and Străşeni the now defunct county Chisinau ( Chisinau Judeţul ).



1959 55 269 inhabitants lived in what is now Rajons. Up to 83 630 of 65 908 in 1970, about 75 986 in 1979 in 1989 until 2004, as in all of Moldova decreased the population of the Rajons that was in that year 81 710: In the following decades, the population steadily increased. .

Ethnic groups

According to the 2004 census put the Moldovans at 84.2 % the proportionally largest ethnic group in Rajon Anenii Noi, followed by Ukrainians at 8.0 %, and the Russians with 5.1%. Smaller minorities form the Romanians with 1.0 %, Bulgarians at 0.6 % and the Gagauz 0.3 %.

Cities and Towns

In addition to the capital of Rajon Anenii Noi consists of 25 municipalities and 19 villages. Of these villages are located five in the capital region, three in Ciobanovca, two in Zolotievca and one each in the communities Botnăreşti, Calfa, Chetrosu, Chirca, Cobusca Veche, Geamana, Ochiul Ros, telita, and Tantareni.


  • Anenii Noi


  • Botnăreşti
  • Bulboaca
  • Calfa
  • Chetrosu
  • Chirca
  • Ciobanovca
  • Cobusca Nouă
  • Cobusca Veche
  • Delacău
  • Floreni
  • Geamana
  • Gura Bîcului
  • Hîrbovăţ
  • Maximovca
  • Mereni
  • Merenii Noi
  • Ochiul ROS
  • Puhăceni
  • Roscani
  • Speia
  • Serpeni
  • Telita
  • Tantareni
  • Varnita
  • Zolotievca