Bela Crkva, Banat

A road and the Roman Catholic Church in Bela Crkva

Bela Crkva (Cyrillic: Бела Црква; German: White Church; Hungarian: Fehertemplom; Romanian: Biserica Albă ) is a Serbian town in the South Banat District of Vojvodina, close to the border with Romania. The 10,675 inhabitants, is the administrative center of the homonymous municipality; it lies at the foothills of the Carpathians. Besides Serbs also live here many Czechs, Yugoslavs, Roma, Romanians and Hungarians. The municipality and the village Cesko Selo heard ( " Czech Village " ), the only place in Serbia and Vojvodina, where the Czech ethnic group is the majority.


Bela Crkva was established in 1717.

According to the census in Austria-Hungary in 1910 spoke of the 11,524 inhabitants of the city of 6,062 German, 1,994 Serbian, 1,806 Romanian and Hungarian 1213. Of the 36 831 inhabitants of the surrounding areas spoke against 20 987 Serbian, 8,234 Romanian and 4,791 German. The Germans were expelled after the Second World War and the victory of the Yugoslav partisans. 2002 was their share of the population only 29 people or 0.27 %.

The city in 1972 was the scene of a factory faithful film adaptation of Leo Tolstoy's novel "War and Peace " by the BBC. Here, the Moscow winter of 1812 was " doubled for " Bela Crkva / White churches, with about 1,000 soldiers of the Yugoslav Army participated as extras.


Sons and daughters of the town

  • Đorđe Protić (1793-1857), Minister, Deputy Prince of Serbia, Member of the State Council, President of the Court in Belgrade
  • Rudolf von Chavanne (1850-1936), Austria - Hungarian Imperial and Royal general
  • Rudolf Nováček (1860-1929), composer and conductor
  • Marie Eugenie delle Grazie (1864-1931), writer, playwright and poet
  • Ottokar Nováček (1866-1900), composer
  • Karl Nováček (1868-1929), cellist, conductor and military bandmaster
  • Anton Arnold (1881-1954), singer, tenor at the Vienna State Opera
  • Anny Konetzni (1902-1968), opera singer at the Vienna State Opera
  • Zoltán Beke (1911-1994), the Romanian football player and coach of Hungarian descent