Majdanpek (Cyrillic: Мајданпек ) is a city and administrative center of the same name at the same time Opština Majdanpek (German Majdanpek municipality ) in the Okrug boron ( boron ger district ) in the east of Serbia.

History and name

Since the early 17th century, the town is known for a copper mine. The origin of the name is due to the two words majdan (Turkish: Madaen, German: Mine, mine ) and Pek ( after the river Pek, adjacent to the mine ) due. The word is of Greek Pek Pekos πέκος for " flow, wool " derived: sheepskins were previously used for the extraction of gold in rivers ( caught easily in the hair of the fur gold leaf, see Golden Fleece ).

Throughout the history of the city, the mine by many foreign owners ( Czechs, Belgians and Austrians ) was used extensively.

The city was modernized in the mid 20th century in the wake of the industrial program of the SFR Yugoslavia. End of the 20th century Majdanpek was one of the most developed regions of the metallurgy and copper mining within Yugoslavia. During the era of Slobodan Milošević however, there was a sharp decline in industrial production.

Today the city is trying to survive by renewed the industry. The mines were offered in 2007 for sale. The Austrian company A-TEC of the entrepreneur Mirko Kovats submitted in February 2008 a tender offer for the acquisition of copper mining complex RTB ( Rudarsko topionicarski - industrial complex " Bor" ). For the copper - mining complex RTB Bor $ 466 million were offered another bidder, the company SMR by Russian entrepreneur Oleg Deripaska offered 370 million.


The 2002 census (self- nomination) showed that 10,071 people live in the city Majdanpek.

Earlier censuses:


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