Horten is a city municipality in the Norwegian Vestfold. It is a coastal town between Holme beach in the north and in the south of Tønsberg. The municipality borders on Re and Tønsberg. The municipality comprises the city of Horten and the villages Kirkebakken ( Borre ), Nykirke, Åsgårdstrand and Skoppum. The city area includes the islands Bastøy, Løvøya, Mellomøya and Ostoya. The just north of the hamlet Karljohansvern lying small island Vealøs with the 1852-59 built fortress " Norske Løve " is still used militarily by the Norwegian Navy. Bastøy is a prison island. Geologically, the city lies in the region of Oslo trench.


By Royal Resolution of 21 November 1818 determined that the main base of the Navy should be invested in Horten. This was done without the Crown Prince Regent Charles Johan had submitted the matter to the Parliament ( Storting ). It took 10 years from the text of the decision until the first ship on the " Horten Verft " was left off the stack. On August 25, 1828 was the hull number 1, the frigate Freia to water. When the Navy moved their headquarters in the same year of Frederiksvern in Larvik to hoarding, the shipyard was renamed " Marinens Hovedverft ". In 1854, I granted her King Oscar honor of his father, Charles XIV John of Sweden, the former French Marshal Bernadotte, the name " Carljohansvern Verft ". Horten is since 1820 location of the Band of the Royal Norwegian Navy. 1864 Seekriegsschule was founded.

The main shipyard of the Navy in 1968 to state Horten Verft A / S, with over 2,000 employees constituted a long time the economic backbone of the community. The company went bankrupt in 1987, and has ceased operations. On the former shipyard area, an industrial area, Horten Industrial Park ( HIP) was established, with several companies, especially in the electronics industry.

The main base of the Navy in 1963 moved from Karljohansvern to Bergen. Today, there are two important museums, the Maritime Museum and the Museum of Photography in the grounds of Naval Base. Since 2006 the entire area of the former naval base with its 73 historic buildings is protected as a historical monument.

Horten received city rights in 1907 and the first coat of arms, which was approved by King Haakon VII.

The municipalities Borre and Åsgårdstrand in 1965 merged. And Horten kommune Borre were on 1 January 1988 Borre. On 1 June 2002, the municipality changed its name to Horten municipality.


  • Marinemuseet - the Naval Museum in Karljohansvern, the oldest museum of its kind in the world founded in 1853, many ships can be visited, including the KNM Rap, the first torpedo boat in the world by 1873..
  • Preus Museum - the Norwegian national museum of photography with collections of Norwegian and international photographs as well as the technical development of the camera obscura to the digital camera. The museum is located in the same building as the Marine Museum.
  • Edvard Munch's house in Åsgårdstrand where Edvard Munch time he lived and where he found many motifs for his paintings.
  • Church Nykirke in the same district, 1686 and 1849, renewed in the 12th century, is dedicated to St. Nicholas.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Francis Hagerup (1853-1929), Norwegian politician, lawyer, diplomat and Prime Minister
  • Kristin Halvorsen ( born 1960 ), Minister of Finance of Norway
  • Finn Ronne, Norwegian -American Antarctic explorer
  • Herman Smith - Johannsen, Norwegian - Canadian cross-country skiers
  • Harald Strøm Aleksander, football player Norway ( 16 appearances, 5 goals 1918-1927 )
  • Olaf Tufte (born 1976 ), world-class rowers, two -time Olympic champion
  • Jørgen Kosmo (* 1947), politician of the Labour Party from 1993 to 1997 Minister of Defence, 2001-2005 President of the Storting
  • Leif Preus ( b. 1928 ), photographer, founder of Preus Photography and the Preus Museum