Re, Norway

Re is a municipality in the Norwegian Vestfold. It is bordered on the north by the yard and Holme beach, on the west by Horten, south to Tønsberg and Stokke, on the east by Anbu and Lardal. With their large-scale fields along the Bishop pathway leading through Re, the municipality is one of the most productive agricultural regions in Norway.


The municipality Re was established on 1 January 2002 as a merger of the municipalities Våle and Ramnes. The choice of the name Re can be traced back to the Battle of Re of 1177, reported by the Snorri Sturluson in the Heimskringlasaga. This report ends with a battle between Magnus Erlingsson and the Birkebeinerkönig Øystein Øysteinson. This battle is supposed to have according to the report occurred in the vicinity of the present church of Ramnes.

Coat of arms

Description: The coat of arms shows a green or five-star Golden Glevenrad.

Sons and daughters of the municipality

  • Kåre Holt (1916-1997), writer