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Stokke is a municipality and whose eponymous headquarters in the Norwegian Vestfold. The municipality is bordered to the west by Anbu, on the north by Re, on the northeast by Tønsberg, on the southeast by Nøtterøy and south to Sandefjord. The islands Haoya (north of Veierland ) and Veierland were assigned in each case on January 1, 1901 and 1965 respectively to the neighboring municipality Nøtterøy. The highest point of the municipality is 171 moh. Located Høgståsen.

The name comes from an old farm that was originally called Stokkar ( norw come; Old Norse stokkar (sing. stokkr ) - tree trunks. ). Three golden tree trunks on a red field consists of the coat of arms ( Blazon: in three vertical red golden tree trunks ) also since 1984.