Gokstad ship


The clinker- built ship is 23.33 m long and 5.25 m wide. It is built entirely of oak. It has been calculated the weight of the ship with full equipment to 20.2 t. A copy of the ship had a measurement of 31.78 tons. The height of the lower edge of the keel to the top of the side wall is 1.95 m. The lateral height above the waterline is 1.10 m, the depth 0.85 m. The keel consists of a single continuous beams. He is in the middle 37 cm high, on the aft end 42 cm, at the bow 40 cm. He is the ship's bottom 10 cm wide at its bottom 13 cm. At the upper edges of the keel a strip on both sides remained standing where the lower log is attached to the vessel wall, so that the top of the keel is 20 cm wide. The keel is fore and aft curving upwards slightly, so that it is located amidships 30 cm lower than at the ends. Lack the stand remaining bar at these ends. Instead, a fold is cut there, in which the side panels are inserted and fixed. At the keel ends special pieces of wood are recognized which have a rising curve. The Steven at the bow is made ​​of the best material, but incomplete because the top piece is obviously rotted in the ground. The piece received by the stern measures 3 meters. The cross -section is at the thickest point 45 cm. Here is a side seam to attach the side panels. How high was enough of Steven, can no longer be determined. At the breaking point of the sternpost can be seen that he was much thicker upwards. The sides of the ship consist of 16 planks. The joints between the planks were sealed with twisted and teergetränktem animal hair, which was inserted into a small groove on the abutting sides. In some places you can see that was retightened later. The top plank was a little thicker. On their shields were hung, 32 painted on each side, alternating yellow and black. On the way they were, however, taken in.

The ship has room for 32 oarsmen, but the crew was more than twice as large as exfoliated two teams in rowing. The rectangular sails had an area of ​​approximately 110 m². This could bring the ship to twelve knots. In shallow water, the rudder could be raised.

In addition to the ship three small boats, a tent, a sledge and rider accessories have been found yet. It can be assumed that the grave was looted in earlier times.