9508 ( March 31, 2013 )

Fauske is a municipality and village in the county of Nordland in Norway. On March 31, 2013, it had 9508 inhabitants in an area of 1208 km ².

Fauske is surrounded by Bodo in the West, Sørfold in the north, Sweden in the east and in the south Saltdal. South of Fauske on a hill east of the road is opposite the turn-off to Leivset place of sacrifice, the seed that was used until the Middle Ages.

Council is based in the same place Fauske, near the provincial capital of Bodo.

The city is known for its marble deposits. It is now (2009 ) won an alternating rose -colored / white and a light gray marble. This stone is known and in demand worldwide.


Fauske has a station on the Nordlandsbane.

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Marble quarry in Fauske

Center of Fauske

Station at Fauske Nordlandsbane

Coat of arms

According to the description on the city arms is provided and silver with a red cross nodes.


  • Christel Alsos, musicians
  • Trine Angelsen, author
  • Dag Ove Johansen, author
  • Karin Risvoll, author
  • Simon Slåttvik