1117 ( March 31, 2013 )

Moskenes is a commune in the Fylke Nordland on the Lofoten Islands in Norway.

Location and data

The Moskenes commune is located on the island Moskenesøy, in the south of Lofoten. Here is the highest mountain in the western Lofoten, Hermannsdalstinden with a height of 1029 m. The municipality has 1117 inhabitants (as of March 31, 2013 ) living in an area of ​​118.6 km ². The administrative center of the municipality is in Reine.

Other villages on Moskenesøya are Å, Sørvågen Tind, Reine, Sakrisøy and Hamnøy.


In Sørvågen, a village in the municipality Moskenes, 1906 a wireless telegraph was built. 1928 here the first wireless telephone connection has been established.

In 1963, the Lofoten Road a part of today's European route has been established, 10

Coat of arms

Description: In blue a right silver spiral.

Economy and Transport


Fishing is still the most important economic factor today. The experiments to the fishing industry to expand salmon farming were abandoned several years ago. In recent years tourism has gained more and more importance.


The European route 10 connects the island Moskenesøya with the other northern islands of Lofoten. Since 1 December 2007 is given on the Lofoten mainland connection ( Lofast ) a free ferry connection to the mainland.

There are ferry connections to Bodø, Værøy and Røst.

There are to Leknes, Svolvær and Stamsund good bus connections. In Leknes is an airport with connections to Bodø, Svolvær and in Stamsund keep the ships of the Hurtigruten.


  • Lofoten Tørrfiskmuseum (stockfish ), Å i Lofoten
  • Norwegian Fishing Village Museum, Å i Lofoten
  • Townscape in Pure
  • Doll and Toy Museum, Sakrisøy
  • Refsvika Cave, coastal cave drawings with runes on the west side of the Lofoten
  • Telecom Museum, Sørvågen

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Birger Eriksen, Norwegian officer
  • Hank von Helvete, Norwegian singer of the band Turbonegro