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Evenes ( Sami Evenášši ) is a commune in the province (county ) Nordland in Northern Norway.

Evenes located on the northern shore of Ofotfjord, bordering the municipalities Skånland in the north, Narvik to the east and the west Tjeldsundet. Covering an area of 252 km ² live 1,444 inhabitants. The administrative center is Bogen i Ofoten.

The Harstad / Narvik Airport ( norw Harstad / Narvik lufthavn, Evenes ) ( IATA: EVE, ICAO: ENEV ) is located in the forest west of Evenes. It includes an older and a newer civilian military part, which has five gates, of which there are daily flights to Oslo, Trondheim, Bodø and Tromsø.

The European Route 10 runs through the territory of Evenes.

Coat of arms

Description: Gules, a wheel with ten spokes.