Serbian First League

Prva League (Serbian Cyrillic: Прва Лига, German: Erste Liga) or abbreviated PLS, is the name of the second highest football league in Serbia after the Super League. The Prva League is organized by the Serbian Football Association and carried out. 16 teams play in the Prva Liga. The two best teams of the season advance to the Super League and the last four rise in the 3rd league, called Srpska Liga ( German Serbian League ), from. Main sponsor of the league was the Serbian Telekom, after she was named to 2009/2010.

2013/14 season

The following 16 clubs playing during the 2013/14 season in the Prva Liga:

  • FK Bežanija
  • Borac Čačak
  • FK Metalac
  • FK Inđija
  • Jedinstvo Užice
  • BSK Borca
  • FK Metalac
  • Sinđelić Belgrade
  • Mladost Lučani
  • FK Smederevo
  • Radnik Surdulica
  • Proleter Novi Sad
  • Dolina Padina
  • Sloga Kraljevo
  • Teleoptik Zemun
  • Timok Zaječar

Foreign players

From the season 2010/11, a maximum of two players may only be licensed with non-Serb passports and fielded per team.